[Tagging] Business which sells static caravans / mobile homes: shop=mobile_home or shop=static_caravan?

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> Rather this is a place where you can view and order a manufactured
> dwelling, aka "static caravan", "mobile home", which you might place
> in a "trailer park" in the USA. Some of these look rather house-like,
> if they are "double-wide" and have to be delivered in 2 parts, others
> are somewhat similar to camping caravans but are designed for
> year-round living in one place, in mild climates.

how "mobile" are those, e.g. compared to a container home, or a
prefabricated single family home? (Intending with the latter term a
construction that does not remain "mobile" once it is set up and put in
place, and the former as "maybe" mobile = dismountable and reusable with
some effort. Ultimately, every kind of construction can be dismounted (or
moved entirely, if you don't mind an extraordinary effort), and often the
material can be reused. Are we going to look at how complicated / work
intensive / technically feasible without destroying parts, this will be, or
will it simply follow the self-declaration of the vendor? (probably the

To give a concrete example, is this a mobile home of the kind you are
asking about?

Or is it something like this:

This would be an example for a (bigger) container home:

> Another user made the page shop=mobile_home but I'm guessing that this
> is American English and might not be correct.

I would expect these "trailer homes" to be an american specialty, so I
wouldn't mind if we used an american term for it (we generally do not have
the possibility to transport oversized things on the roads in Europe,
traffic is too dense, and too many obstacles like adjacent buildings,
bridges and narrow roads, so with the legal requirements for such
transports it would cost too much to do it for something like a "cheap"

There might also be other legal obstacles, like you could not live
permanently in such a structure (maybe unless you set it up on ground that
is zoned as residential area, but then this would cost too much to use it
as extensively as these, or maybe there isn't cultural acceptance for
these, or a mix of all these, in the end these are not frequent.

There are similar situations though, like alotment gardens with huts on
them, where people may live occasionally (but usually not legally), or
campsites with semi-permanent residents, generally used as holiday homes
(and mostly only in the warmer period of the year).

> "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_home: "A *mobile home* (also
> *trailer*
> , *trailer home*, *house trailer*, *static caravan*, *residential caravan*)
> is a prefabricated <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prefabrication
> >structure,
> built in a factory on a permanently attached chassis before being
> transported to site (either by being towed or on a trailer).

so the chassis must be there, is a strict requirement? Would a
box-structure (container) satisfy this requirement?

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