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>> The 6 papal basilicas are the 4 major basilicas in Rome plus 2 minor basilicas in Assisi.
> Nitpick: 7. The minor basilica of San Lorenzo fuori le Mura in Rome is
> also a papal basilica.

it seems it was a patriarchal basilica until 1847. I must admit wikipedia is very inconsistent with this topic, every language has its own alternative facts.
The German version says there are 12 papal basilicas, the Italian version says there are 6 and according to the English version there are 7. 
According to cathopedia, there are only 4

which is also somehow supported by this vatican page:

I crosschecked Saint Mark’s in Venice (which is on the German list) and it seems there’s a misconception, because it is a patriarchal basilica, because the bishop of Venice is a patriarch, but it isn’t the kind of patriarchal church that was renamed to papal church when the pope renounced at the patriarchal title in 2006. 

Cheers Martin 
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