[Tagging] New tag proposal: 'addr=milestone'

santamariense imagens.sm at gmail.com
Wed Oct 2 12:25:04 UTC 2019

> which coincidentally can match (or not match) the distance

Well noted. The reference to a location marker used in an address
rarely gives the exact distance. It is an approximated value with low
precision, unlike the tag distance=* that is used with
highway=milestone that is supposed to mark the exact distance of a
road where distance=* is based on an engineering project, usually with
high precision.

> Think of the ‘milestone’ as a point of reference. The ‘milestone’ only provides a general idea > of how far or how close you are to a destination. Once you go beyond and reach the next
> ‘milestone’ you may need to turn around and go slower to find what you are seeking.

Perfect! That is exactly what happens in real life when someone is
seeking an address based on location markers once the precision of the
distance used in addresses is low.

> Wow, that makes them really useful.  It's a road marker that's not made of
> stone, shows kilometres
> rather than miles, and the number shown is wrong.  So you want to call it a
> milestone.

The number shown is not exactly wrong. It is approximated and its
precision can vary up to ~1km because most of the values used in
addresses do not show precision in meters. Examples of common values
are Km 256, Km 7.5; and never Km 97.47247764, for example.

> that you should not use the term "milestone" but something like
> addr:distance or
> addr:road_marker  or whatever, because there are no milestones

addr:road_marker seems to be appropriated but highway=milestone, even
misleading its name can be, is already in use and I think it would be
better to keep a relation between their names.


I do not mind what name would be used as a tag to map this address
information as long as a tag is created to map it. However, I
understand the need to create a well-named tag that would be
applicable worldwide and I hope this does not stop the creation of
such tag whatever your name.

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