[Tagging] New tag proposal: 'addr=milestone'

Paul Allen pla16021 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 2 12:53:54 UTC 2019

On Wed, 2 Oct 2019 at 13:26, santamariense <imagens.sm at gmail.com> wrote:

> > that you should not use the term "milestone" but something like
> > addr:distance or
> > addr:road_marker  or whatever, because there are no milestones
> addr:road_marker seems to be appropriated

Or something with similar meaning.  Places that use this addressing system
have some name for that part of an address.  So that if you tell somebody
what road your house
is on and they want to know more precisely, they ask you what your X is.  I
doubt they ask you
what your milestone is.  Same for forms where there are boxes for road,
town, county (maybe)
post/zip code (maybe), there is presumably a box labelled X, and I doubt
that label is

Also of consideration is that if somebody uses the query tool of standard
carto to get
the address of a house, will addr:milestone make any sense to them or will
it just
confuse them?

I did some more digging (which the original poster should have done, if not
at first then at
least after several people suggested "milestone" was inappropriate).  What
OSM calls
highway=milestone is a "highway location marker."  Which is used in
addresses as a
"linear referencing system."  So addr:highway_location or
addr:linear_reference or
addr:road_marker or something similar based upon what people who live in
areas with that
kind of address call that part of the address.

but highway=milestone, even
> misleading its name can be, is already in use and I think it would be
> better to keep a relation between their names.

On standard carto (and probably most others) highway=milestone doesn't
render.  And those
milestones-that-aren't-really-milestones are probably only rarely mapped,
addresses frequently are mapped.  In any  case, as people have pointed out,
the highway
location markers either side of the address may not be present.  So the
only reason for keeping
a relation between the names is if we're going to map every marker and use
an OSM relation to
bind addresses to markers (which will still fail if there's no marker

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