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> Perhaps that's question of a definition. Please have a look at 3 pictures
> posted here earlier and let me know what do you think of them.

To what end?   You've found pictures of sunbathing areas with sunshades.
Others have
found pictures of sunbathing areas without sunshades.  Yet others have
found pictures of
sunshades that are most definitely not in sunbathing areas.  The presence
or absences of
sunshades is not a reliable indicator.

Measles has a diagnostic indicator: characteristic spots.  I've found three
pictures of people
with measles who are wearing sunglasses.  I shall ignore the fact that most
people with
measles do not wear sunglasses and exhibit no photosensitivity of any
kind.  I shall ignore
the fact that most people who wear sunglasses do not have measles.  I shall
declare that
sunglasses are indicative of measles.  Do you see how silly that would be?
Nevertheless, I
shall continue to insist that medical textbooks be revised to show
sunglasses as being
indicative of measles.

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