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I think it depends on the country - most cycling roads in Japan “end” and dump you into a sidewalk to cross rail crossings - otherwise they either avoid the grade crossing or end and put you into regular road traffic to use the road’s grade crossing. they are basically 1-2km long sections of cycleway that constantly “end" and you either join the road traffic (as a car) or use pedestrian routes (crosswalks, sidewalks) to get around obstacles (like railways or crossing a road with an island or similar). 

The official documentation for this cycling road details the “detour” on the regular roads to use the car’s grade crossing because they don’t want a cycle grade crossing. 


you can see the detour in blue on the map
http://www.kendoseibi.pref.gunma.jp/section/dourokikaku/hp/download/05hebi1.pdf <http://www.kendoseibi.pref.gunma.jp/section/dourokikaku/hp/download/05hebi1.pdf>

I’m sure there is a dedicated “cycleway grade crossing” somewhere in Japan, but in the few hundred KM of cycleways I have ridden, I have never seen one. most non-motorcar grade crossings are for peds or for tractors. 

But I’m also sure there are countries with hundreds of dedicated cycleway crossings.  

Perhaps a separate “cycleway grade crossing” is appropriate  - iD recently started supporting cycleway crossings. Perhaps this tag is also needed.

But please remember that the basic premise that a cyclist is a variant of pedestrian is the idea for a lot of cycling infrastructure around the world, and making a cycleway crossing a “road” crossing rather than a “path” crossing would be considered bad mapping in a lot of places. 

Please consider this when coming up with a solution to this problem. 


> On Oct 9, 2019, at 11:07 PM, Vɑdɪm <vadp.devl at gmail.com> wrote:
> On the other hand the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic mentions crossings
> for cyclists separately
> (https://www.unece.org/fileadmin/DAM/trans/conventn/Conv_road_traffic_EN.pdf):
>> 3. (a) The standing or parking of a vehicle on the carriageway shall be
>> prohibited:
>> (i) On pedestrian crossings, on *crossings for cyclists*, and on
>> level-crossings;
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