[Tagging] Divided highways, and not so divided highways, one way or two

Snusmumriken snusmumriken.mapper at runbox.com
Fri Oct 11 10:38:02 UTC 2019

On Fri, 2019-10-11 at 11:21 +0200, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
> Am Fr., 11. Okt. 2019 um 11:10 Uhr schrieb Snusmumriken <
> snusmumriken.mapper at runbox.com>:
> > It is up to the driver. I think he can ignore most of the traffic
> > laws
> > in the cause of getting as fast and as safe to where he needs to
> > go. So
> > he would use his own judgment and not so much what a routing engine
> > tells him what he can do.
> you are missing the point: when the emergency vehicle gets the call,
> the routing engine will suggest a route to approach the place of
> action from where it is now, and depending on the osm data (and other
> data like traffic congestion, unaccessible roads, etc.) it may
> suggest different routes. Of course you can dismiss this in general
> and say: "the driver will know where to go" or "will use his own
> judgement", i.e. would not use OSM data at all, but this is not the
> reality, in reality, OSM is used more and more in emergency
> scenarios. There are companies dedicated to provide OSM-data-based
> infrastructure for use by emergency services. I have seen it.

Thanks for clearing that out. I still think it is better to map for the
99.99% of drivers who need to follow the law strictly. Special tagging
for different emergency vehicles could be applied.

Just to be clear, I'm not advocating that legal separation MUST lead to
way separation. Just that a rule that wouldn't allow it would be a very
bad rule. What makes most sense based upon the ground truth should be

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