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> The sign can display various messages - so variable message fits.
> Traffic sign also fits - the travelling time to another place reflects the
> traffic density, and vehicle crashes are traffic warnings ..
> I think traffic_sign=variable_message is good for the feature you report.

+1 for traffic_sign=variable_message

In many jurisdictions road users must obey messages on these signs,
including speed reductions (e.g. caused by weather), closed lanes (e.g.
crash), and closed motorway exits/detours. Similar to these pixel based
Variable Message Signs, there are what is usually referred to as a
Changeable Message Sign which has a fixed set of messages (2-4) where
narrow sections will rotate to display a message, usually used for closing
rural roads without power, a solar panel will drive the sections to rotate
into place.

VMS are often used to display travel time messages so they do something
useful until there is a higher priority message for motorists.

In the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) industry there are also a bunch
of others specialised electronic signs, including Variable Speed Limit
signs (dynamic speed with the option of a flashing annulus/red circle, used
either pole mounted on either side of the road or on a gantry above lanes,
also used in school zones), and Lane Use/Control Signals (displaying the
permitted usage of a lane usually mounted above the lane, i.e. open,
closed, or indicating you need to merge, on motorways especially with tidal
flow/reversible lanes).

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