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On Sun, 8 Sep 2019 at 20:24, Rob Savoye <rob at senecass.com> wrote:

> On 9/8/19 1:09 PM, Paul Allen wrote:
> > Also, cellular connectivity changes as operators add towers or
> > reconfigure existing ones.  There's also the consideration of whether
> > there's 2G,  3G, 4G or 5G.  Probably best left to one of the
> > dedicated cellular mapping apps such as cellmapper because that info
> > is a little more likely to be updated more frequently.
>   Ah, hadn't thought of that. I'm not hung up on using this tag, I was
> just trying to make a complete list... but a different database might be
> better maintained.

Maybe, maybe not.  There are two or three different ones (at least).  I
like cellmapper
because there's an option to use OSM as the basemap (actually, it's about
the only
option after they dropped Google maps) so I can get some cellular data while
surveying then later (can be up to a couple of weeks when their servers are
overloaded) see where I've been.  Could be useful for some mapping footpaths
through woods, but I think you can run something like GPSlogger at the same

The other thing with cellmapper is it calculates where towers are but gives
the option to relocate them if you identify the tower visually.  I can not
relocate the tower in cellmapper, I can tag the tower on OSM too and have

Oh, and something like cellmapper displays signal strengths on the map
rather than
hiding them away in a tag where you have to use the query tool to find out
if a camp pitch
has a signal.

> In the UK if a campground stated they offer WiFi and some pitches didn't
> > get it there would be complaints.  Grounds for prosecution about
> misleading
> > advertising, even.
>   Interesting. That isn't the case in the western US, or other countries
> I've been in. Some even tell you were to stay if you want better
> connectivity from your camp.

The websites of UK campgrounds I've looked at say WiFi with nothing about
coverage.  Anybody who booked a pitch on the basis of that and then found
pitch didn't have coverage would be very upset.  And be able to make a
complaint to Trading Standards.

Often the only wifi router is in the main office/lodge, so it's pretty easy
> be out of range.

In which case they're doing things on the cheap.  Especially if some of the
have power. WiFi relays are dirt cheap these days.  More expensive is a
non-metallic enclosure to stop them getting soaked or stolen without
blocking the

  Note the entire purpose of camping should not be making sure you have
> a data connection. :-)

If you have kids, WiFi is probably essential.  Especially around here,
where it's often
raining.  If you're a FarceBook addict, WiFi is definitely essential.

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