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Colin Smale colin.smale at xs4all.nl
Tue Sep 10 08:39:33 UTC 2019

Point of order, also with half an eye on the "tagging governance"
discussion.... Are we going to discuss this on the mailing list, or in
the wiki discussion page, or both, or what? I suggest focussing on a
single platform, and placing a notification on the other platform
directing readers to the other platform, if you see what I mean.

On 2019-09-10 10:32, Warin wrote:

> On 10/09/19 17:35, Joseph Eisenberg wrote: 
>> I've started a new proposal for Key:aerodrome.
>> See https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Key:aerodrome
>> This proposal uses aerodrome=* for classification of an
>> aeroway=aerodrome as an international airport, other commercial
>> airport, general aviation aerodrome, private aerodrome, or airstrip.
>> It would deprecate aeroway=airstrip and aerodrome:type=*
>> Values to be approved:
>> * aerodrome=international         - already common
>> * aerodrome=commercial          - new tag
>> * aerodrome=general_aviation  - new tag (default type)
>> * aerodrome=private                  - already common
>> * aerodrome=airstrip
>> Currently the IATA code is quite helpful for finding commercial
>> airports which offer scheduled passenger flights, but a few aerodromes
>> with an IATA code do not have commercial flights.
>> It would be helpful to know which airports have international flights,
>> and the tag aerodrome=international has already been used over 1000
>> times.
>> aerodrome=airstrip is better than aeroway=airstrip, because an
>> airstrip is still a type of aerodrome.
>> aerodrome=private is already widely used, but I'm also recommending
>> adding access=*
> Here there are 'international' and 'domestic' airports. I think 'domestic' might be better than 'commercial'???
> I have no idea what a 'aerodrome=private' is. I think this could include airports used for skydiving .. so open to the public. Arr it is also on the proposal page sorry. It is a confusing value, no idea of a better term. There are also sailplane airstrips used to launch and land sailplanes. The launching may be done by a 'tug' aircraft. They can be open to the public for joy flights in tandem sailplanes.
> Many outback homesteads (ranches) have an airstrip for their own use. This use can be to get to the shops, the neighbours, mail deliveries, farm duties and for the flying doctor. This goes beyond the proposaled aerodrome=airstrip, in that it has more uses and also usually provides refuelling and basic primitive aircraft services.
> I think the reason why aeroway=airstrip is use is so that it does not render until zoomed in. Yes, a rendering issue taken care of by tagging.
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