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> On Tue, 10 Sep 2019 at 23:41, Graeme Fitzpatrick <> graemefitz1 at gmail.com <mailto:graemefitz1 at gmail.com>> > wrote:
>> Would it need a multipolygon? My impression of the ODA is an open patch of ground in / beside a residential area. If that is the case, wouldn't it be much simpler to just mark a new area in as landuse=o_d_a? (accept it wouldn't be abbreviated) 
> Overlapping landuse often works, but only because the carto people juggle z-indexes
> to make it work.  They're not overly happy doing that, I believe. 
well, reality is that sometimes area
is actually both tree-covered area and
for example university or residential area.
> It also doesn't always
> work well: if ever you've put a pond in a wood without a multipolygon you get
> waterlogged trees. 
this is intentional to encourage correct
mapping of tree-covered areas.
>   It also makes database queries somewhat more simpler if you're
> asking what is at point A and you get one answer rather than two answers, or one of
> two answers chosen at random.
note that in many cases getting two
answers correctly represents reality
>   A multipolygon is a little more work for the mapper,
> but not much more.
> Now I expect both the carto and db people to tell me I'm wrong about that.  If they do,
> I'll just point out that it's not wrong to use a multipolygon for this
and in even more cases multipolygon
should be used
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