[Tagging] Was there every a proposal for the disused:key=* / abandoned:key=* lifecycle prefixes?

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemed.net
Fri Sep 27 06:26:37 UTC 2019

Paul Allen wrote:
> Ummm, which pub in St Dogs?  The Teifi Netpool Inn is more of a guest 
> house with a bar than a pub with guest rooms these days.  The White 
> Hart closed but there's currently an attempt by locals to raise the 
> money to take it over.

(One quick Google later...)

Goodness me, the Teifi Netpool looks unrecognisable (and not for the
better). O tempora, o mores etc.

Pleased to see that Bessie's in the Gwaun Valley is still the same as ever


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