[Tagging] RFC: service=? for all highway=service (service=parking needed, primarily, I think)

David Dean ddean at ieee.org
Sun Aug 2 00:40:18 UTC 2020

Hi everyone,

I'm interested in proposing and/or documenting existing tagging approaches
of the wiki to ensure that all highway=service ways can have a service=?
associated tag. Having done, so I'm planning on resurrecting
https://github.com/westnordost/StreetComplete/issues/808 to help people get
all service roads appropriately tagged in their area.

At the moment, service=? can be (according to the wiki at

* service=parking_aisle
* service=driveway
* service=alley
* service=emergency_access
* service=drive-through

But service roads are also used for the 'main ways on a parking lot', and
there is also an indication of access to multiple businesses (like in an
industrial estate etc), and it looks like the documented way is to not to
provide a service=? tag in this case.

This seems problematic to me from a map maintenance purpose, as how do we
know if a highway=service just hasn't had a service=? tag applied yet, or
if it is one of the exceptions that does not get a service=? tag (and which
one is it?)

I would like to try to understand the highway=service usages that don't
have a current documented service=? tag and either propose an appropriate
tag or find examples of existing tagging to document.

At this stage I think appropriate tagging for some of the missing service=?
tagging indicated in the documentation would be:

service=parking -> main way in a parking lot, for connecting
service=parking_isles (used almost 2K times already:

service=driveway -> also used for access to multiple businesses (like in an
industrial estate, etc)

service=driveway/drive-through -> Service way for access to a fuel station

Are there any other main understood uses of no service=? tag that would
need an appropriate service=? tag to fill this gap?

Once I've got some good starting feedback from this forum, I plan on
https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/service%3Dparking to
include any new appropriate service=? (not just service=parking) tagging
and start the formal RFC process.

Thanks for your feedback, everyone.

- David
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