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I see you have done much work on this topic on your page (https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:Mueschel/DestinationTagging); why didn't you include these informations on the general Wiki pages instead of your user pages?

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Le samedi 1 août 2020 17:03, David Marchal <penegal.fr at protonmail.com> a écrit :

> To Jan Michel (I did not have your mail, as I unsubscribed of the list mails to avoid cluttering my mailbox): the goal of my request is not to assist routing software in finding a route, but to help navigation software to display the destination signs as they are on the ground. If a destination is restricted to some vehicles, for instance the ones below 12 tons, the navigation software should have access to the restriction, to allow it to display the restriction on the screen, or to not display the destination if the routed vehicle is not concerned, i.e. if the routed vehicle is over 12 tons.
> I agree with the fee/toll part, I had the wrong tag in mind.
> Concerning weight, french tonnage signs indeed concern weight rating, not actual weight, but, as maxweight is often used for such signs, I kept it for my question.
> Concerning the documentation, I agree it is not well structured and could largely be improved. In my case, the proposal is more a way to formalise the reasoning and interpretation for the suggested tagging scheme. I am not willing to publish a brand new tagging scheme as if I was documenting something already well established. That would be confusing: it is something new, currently used nowhere, and I feel the proposal process is there for that: to allow suggestions to be discussed and approved, thus limiting tagging and wiki disorganization.
> Regards.
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> Le vendredi 31 juillet 2020 15:53, David Marchal <penegal.fr at protonmail.com> a écrit :
>> Hello, there.
>> I'm wondering, there are destination signs which only apply to some kind of vehicles: for HGV, for bicycles, for pedestrians, for vehicles below 12t… How would I tag such destinations? The simple way would be to use, respectively, destination:hgv=*, destination:bicycle=*, destination:foot=*, destination:conditional="* @ weight<12". Am I right to assume these?
>> If so, some examples:
>> - in this example (https://www.mapillary.com/map/im/mo0AKf9masIEfpJtySH8fw), the road ahead would be tagged (regardless of direction), destination="Darney;Plombières;Bains-les-B.;Gare S.N.C.F.;Gare" and destination:hgv="Vesoul;Mulhouse;Darney;Plombières;Bains-les-B.;Gare S.N.C.F.;Gare"
>> - in this example (https://www.mapillary.com/map/im/Oz3Om7pGbk7LA5wSmYLRew), the link would be tagged destination:fee="Milan;Turin;Aoste;Courmayeur;Tunnel du Mᵗ Blanc"
>> - in this example (https://www.mapillary.com/map/im/pNJJG6ST4njXchZDQZ3XPw), the road exiting the turnaround would be tagged destination="Épinal;Bruyères;Remiremont;Quartiers sud;Zones industrielles" and destination:conditional="(Saint-Dié;Raon-l’Étape;Épinal;Bruyères;Remiremont;Quartiers sud;Zones industrielles) @ weight>3.5 AND hgv"
>> - in this example (https://www.mapillary.com/map/im/71zRlujmD69aPg35BFO1r6), the road exiting the turnaround would be tagged destination="La Voivre", destination:bicycle="La Voivre;Sᵗ Dié" and destination:ref="C 3"
>> Is that correct? Can I edit the Wiki destination tag page to give these informations, or maybe should I submit a RFC to formalize this?
>> Awaiting your answers,
>> Regards.
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