[Tagging] Rio de la Plata edit war

muralito at montevideo.com.uy muralito at montevideo.com.uy
Tue Aug 4 14:56:06 UTC 2020

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> On Tuesday 04 August 2020, muralito at montevideo.com.uy wrote:
>> I linked several scientific studies that clearly shows and are
>> verifiable geographic evidence that this is not an oceanic coast, its
>> a riverbank [...]
> I am not going to start a discussion here on the semantics of terms
> like 'ocean', 'riverbank', 'coast' or similar which are inherently
> culture specific and political.
> So i repeat my request:
> could you formulate a generic rule for coastline placement similar to
> what i formulated in
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_Features/Coastline-River_transit_placement
> that
> (a) allows for the coastline placement you favor in case of the Rio de
> la Plata
> (b) is based on verifiable physical geography criteria that can
> practically be checked by mappers and
> (c) that is compatible to most of the current coastline placements at
> river mouths around the world?
> If you can do that we can try to have a productive discussion without
> delving into the swamp of politics and cultural differences and maybe
> can find a consensus position that everyone can be satisfied with.

It's all about semantics.

How could I answer your question if you are not able to define what you mean by natural=coastline?
We must first agree on what features we call it coastline, and then I can explain where I think it should be drawn.



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