[Tagging] Electric scooter parking

Graeme Fitzpatrick graemefitz1 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 8 01:01:21 UTC 2020

Just to open a different semantic can of worms concerning the spots these
hire "scooters" are left ... :-)

Are they "parked"?

To me, I "park" my car in a parking space, come back to it after shopping &
drive home, or I "park" my bicycle in a rack at the beach, wrap a chain
around the wheel, then come back later, unlock it & ride away ie I retrieve
my own "vehicle" at a later stage.

If you've used a hire "scooter" to get from A to B, do you "park" it at B,
or do you return it to a hire location / drop off spot? I think it's more
correct to say that you simply leave it in a spot where anybody else can
use it & when you come back later on, you hope there's one still there for
you to use!

Should we possibly be looking at something similar to
amentiy=bicycle_rental, ie amenity=scooter_rental?


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