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I think that it's quite hard for data consumers (again: think of an 
overpass-query to find all mid-stations) to determine which role a 
station has. Like Martin said: Why not just solve the (huge!) special 
case of mountain aerialways where we really have one bottom_station, 
zero or more mid_station and one upper_station?

Am 12.08.2020 um 22:58 schrieb Colin Smale:
> So what is wrong with ele=* on the stations and the topography of the 
> line? Completely (for OSM purposes) objective and uncontroversial. The 
> data consumer/renderer can make their own mind up about nomenclature. 
> Many of these lifts go up to go down, or go down to go up, as they 
> cross ridges and valleys. One man's incline on a segment of the route 
> is another man's decline based on the station altitudes. Let's tag the 
> facts, and not subjective naming.
> On 2020-08-12 22:47, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
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>>> On 12. Aug 2020, at 21:39, Yves <ycai at mailbox.org 
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>>> Alexey, you're right, anyway physical properties like incline are 
>>> better tagged on way than on relations.
>> and horizontal aerialways aren't completely unheard of either. The 
>> incline solution works only for a subset of aerialways. Generally, 
>> for horizontal aerialways top and bottom / valley do not apply, i.e. 
>> the original question is directly related to a specific (frequent) 
>> configuration: an aerialway which surmounts a significant height 
>> difference. We do not have to find a universal solution if the 
>> question relates only to this special case.
>> Cheers Martin
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