[Tagging] Antwort: Re: Aerialway stations

yvecai ycai at mailbox.org
Fri Aug 14 08:53:33 UTC 2020

On 14.08.20 10:40, dktue wrote:
>> I would define it as:
>> lower_station: station that has the lowest elevation (exact elevation 
>> is not necessary to know, it's obvious)
>> upper_station: station that has the highest elevation
>> mid_station: any other station
> I want to add: At least in Germany, Switzerland and Austria there are 
> well-established german words which you often find in the name of the 
> stations themselves:
> * "Talstation" ("valley station")
> * "Bergstation" ("mountain station"), sometimes also "Gipfelstation" 
> ("summit station")
> * "Mittelstation" ("mid station")
> There should be a machine-readeably tagging to get this information 
> that is so often encoded in the name. That's why I'm suggesting this 
> tagging.
Then why not valley / mid / mountain as values ? If the mountain station 
is lower than the mid- one, there is no discussion.

But also, my feeling is that it's more defined by the destination of the 
stop rather than a property of the aerialway node in question: you 
expect maybe a restaurant in the 'mountain station', more rarely in the 
'valley station', you also expect to put your skis on or start riding 
your bike in the former, etc ...

There is more to a 'mountina station' than being up/down.


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