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dktue email at daniel-korn.de
Sun Aug 16 12:13:46 UTC 2020

So that would leave us with


Am 16.08.2020 um 13:53 schrieb Colin Smale:
> Nope.... You can't have a mid terminal, by definition. And as 
> "terminal" is used with similar semantics to "station" here, if you 
> start with aerialway:station you don't need to include "terminal" or 
> "station" in the value as well.
> That web page doesn't refer at all to the "top station" or the "bottom 
> station", but it does refer to a "midstation"; I am not sure what you 
> actually derived from that page?
> On 2020-08-15 18:25, Yves wrote:
>> Had a look at http://www.skilifts.org/old/glossary.htm, came up with :
>> Aerialway:station=top_terminal, mid_terminal, bottom_terminal
>> Yves
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