[Tagging] Call for verification (Was: Re: [OSM-talk] VANDALISM !)

Cj Malone me-osm-tagging at keepawayfromfire.co.uk
Sat Aug 22 08:51:10 UTC 2020

On Sat, 2020-08-22 at 09:32 +0200, pangoSE wrote:
> Building upon it can lead to strange things. E.g. 
> https://www.nyteknik.se/popularteknik/mystisk-jatteskrapa-dok-upp-i-flygsimulator-6999771
>  (building:levels=212 was entered erroneously and committed to the
> database without any kind of QA follow-up. If someone knows the
> osmid I would like to know how long this error was present in OSM)


1 - It was introduced by a novice mapper, presumably as a typeo.

2 - Nikolas von Randow fixed it about 9 months later, presumably with
some kind of QA tool (maybe just a overpass query).

3 - Another local novice mapper also edited it, and fixed another issue
at the same time. Presumably noticed via a rendered map.

Before criticising the mapper, it should be noted that it was a novice
mapper and the existing building data in the area isn't of great
quality anyway. This wasn't a regression. And accidents happen anyway,
I've done a similar thing via StreetComplete where I entered the house
number in the building levels quest.

The big companies doing QA on OSM data (Mapbox and Facebook) have a
high focus on vandalism. They are trying to stop "Jewtropolis" from
ever happening again.

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