[Tagging] We should stop using hyphens to denote address ranges

pangoSE pangose at riseup.net
Mon Aug 24 20:25:33 UTC 2020

Hi Martin

Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com> skrev: (24 augusti 2020 02:16:27 CEST)
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>> On 23. Aug 2020, at 23:20, pangoSE <pangose at riseup.net> wrote:
>> This collides with one feature one element does it not?
>it does not. An address is not (necessarily) a feature, it can also be
>a property 

Hmm. I don't buy that argument. If that is a valid argument you could have copies of data in many places in OSM say all tags on a way could be added to each node as well for "stability". The problem is that it is a unnecessary burden IMO to maintain of.

>> Can you give an example of what you mean by stable?
>if you move the POI or the building geometry, the (surveyed) POI
>address is still explicitly tagged.

Why would anyone do that?

>Also useful when the POI is approximately placed (e.g. in a
>neighbouring building, happens quite often, at least as long as most
>POIs are not yet mapped)

Really? Can you link to an example?  I have never come across a POI that needed a special address. I would rather map to he entry in the that case and put the address there. 

The POI IMO cannot logically have an adress itself, its a human symbol for designating something of interest within a feature like a building, park or whatever. Adresses are specialized designations used by the state and postal service. You cannot apply for an address for a newsstand, a phonebooth or a park (In Sweden)

In Sweden the postal system works only with physical places designated by Lantmäteriet as a legal piece of ground. You cannot assign an adress yourself to a random area in the forest for example no matter if it has a world famous POI or not.

The Swedish community has decided that we add addresses to buildings and entries instead of having points (like in Denmark). When the Swedish geosurvey sometime soon release all public adresses for free we will have to merge them all with the buildings where possible. I hope they will give all their adress nodes unique, permanent IDs to help us synchronize in the future.


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