[Tagging] RFC Update - Hazard Proposal - rock/land fall/slide

Brian M. Sperlongano zelonewolf at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 17:14:52 UTC 2020


I've made a number of updates to the "hazard" proposal [1] based on the
input received.  Thanks to those that offered comment and feedback so far
during this RFC.

I request community help on resolving feedback on the proposed tag
hazard=rock_slide and deprecation of three values of hazard: rockfall,
falling_rocks, and landslide.  The feedback was that rock falls, rockslides
and landslides are different and should not be conflated in a single
value.  Indeed, geologically they are different; a "fall" implies material
falling from a cliff while a "slide" implies material sliding down a
slope.  Additionally "rock" versus "land" describes a different type of
material that might fall or slide.

However, in standard road signage, there is a single pictogram for all of
these forms of falling/sliding material that almost universally depicts a
steep slope with pieces of falling debris.  See the referenced wikipedia
articles [2][3] in the row labelled "falling rocks or debris" for examples
in many countries.

In some cases, this pictogram is also combined with text that further
specificies "landslide" [4] or signs might say in words only "rock slide
area" or "slide area".  The "falling rocks or debris" sign is also commonly
used by itself to generally indicate this category of hazard.  In these
cases (the falling rocks/debris pictogram sign used by itself), my thinking
was that a mapper should have a single tag that they can apply, without
having to specifically determine the exact geological character of the
rock/land fall/slide hazard.  Thus, I've proposed to adopt the most common
variant "rock_slide" to cover all of these cases, which a mapper could use
anytime they map a sign with that pictogram, and deprecate the others, in
order to create consistent tagging.

I request community feedback on this specific question of how to tag this
type of hazard for cases of:
(a) When the mapper observes the "falling rocks or debris" sign but is
unsure of whether it is specifically a rock/land slide/fall
(b) When the mapper observes the sign, and knows the specific geological
(c) When the mapper observes a sign with specific text that states "falling
rocks", "rock fall", or "landslide"

Do these distinctions need to be tagged differently, and if so, are there
suggestions on how that tagging might be constructed?

[1] https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/hazard
[3] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_European_road_signs
(note: commercial site)
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