[Tagging] Feature Proposal - Approved - Tax free shopping

Hauke Stieler mail at hauke-stieler.de
Sun Feb 16 12:41:07 UTC 2020

Hi all,

thanks for all the feedback and voting. The proposal for tax free
shopping and the "duty_free" tag has been approved: 13 votes, 2 against,
1 abstain.

Currently there's a discussion ongoing about the calculation when there
are "abstain" votes. So here are some approval calculations all leading
to an approval of the proposal:

* Support with "abstain" counted as "oppose": 10/13 = 77%
* Support with "abstain" counted as "approve": 11/13 = 85%
* Support without "abstain" in the vote count: 10/12 = 83%

I'll set up according tag pages as soon as possible.


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