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Hauke Stieler mail at hauke-stieler.de
Wed Jan 1 00:53:19 UTC 2020


> Which OSM data consumer?
I personally thought of tourists wanting to buy stuff. As you mentioned,
a EU-tourist has no benefit of this duty-free-information, but I also
think of tourists (from) outside the EU.
As a use case: I think of the OsmAnd app filtering for duty-free-shops
where tourists can buy things a bit cheaper. There may be other use
cases as well (printed maps etc.).

> Just a reminder: I didn't start this, I am merely trying to add a
> nuance to the data modelling.
I started this (so every shame on me :D ), I appreciate your feedback.

> I can imagineĀ a shop's membership of a refund scheme to be important,
> and the associated export points/offices (should all be tagged with a
> reference to the refund scheme.)
What do you mean by "refund scheme"?

> By the way, I am assuming that we are only discussing retail purchases
Correct, at least I also assume this.


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