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The archaeological site may cover several ruins, probably the entire community. So I would map that over the entire area.

Then add any remaining structures with what they are now, which could well be historic=ruins.

You might consider adding them to OHM too.

On 06/01/20 06:21, Rob Savoye wrote:
> On 1/5/20 11:55 AM, Tod Fitch wrote:
>> The name value almost certainly should not be “Indian Ruin”. If
>> “Indian Ruin” is used for a value at all it should be in the
>> description tag. Probably the more politically correct nowadays
>> might be “Native American ruins”.
>    That was my thought, "Indian Ruin" is overly generic, and should just
> be deleted as file bloat.
>> Most of the larger sites have official names. “Montezuma Castle
>> National Monument”, “Casa Grande Ruins National Monument”, “Tuzigoot
>> National Monument”, “Tonto National Monument”, “Walnut Canyon
>> National Monument”, “Palatki Heritage Site” and “Canyon de Chelly
>> National Monument” in Arizona spring to mind. Within those sites the
>> there may be individual buildings/groups of buildings that have
>> names as well but those often seem to be descriptive (“Big House” or
>> “South Buildings”).
>    Correct, but that's when 'name=' should be used. And the name may also
> be subject to interpretation based on who you ask. Many official names
> have little to do with what the locals call it. OSM can support both.
>> peoples (different native American tribes moving in, Spanish or
>> Anglo). So I think the official names, probably found in the GNIS
>> database is the best you are going to do.
>    Yep, it's now the Ute reservation. I'm not going to add any names at
> this point, just curious about cleaning up some existing data. Mapping
> the ruins isn't the purpose of this trip, I just was wondering when
> looking at the data, and had the motivation to be a data janitor since I
> probably will try to ski/hike to some of these ruins.
>> Regarding historic:civilization tag using “Ancestral Pueblo people”
>> vs “Anazazi”, I think I’d go with “Ancestral Pueblo” as I think that
>> is, from current thinking, historically accurate. I believe that
>> “Anazazi” is Navajo for something like “ancient enemy” but could be
>   I
>    I'm going to ask in person what's the correct name as the locals think
> of it. "Pueblo People" is a catchall for multiple peoples that have
> lived there over the centuries and probably the least accidentally
> insulting. There's always the old joke about some person who gets a
> "ceremonial" native name, and later finds out it means something like
> 'stupid dog s$%t'...
>> Regarding mapping of the individual buildings, my single feeble
>> attempt at one site was foiled by the fact that it was, as is
>> typical, in an overhang under a cliff with limited access. So my GPS
>> had very inaccurate data and the site is not visible on aerial
>> imagery. Best of luck in your mapping.
>    Yeah, I'm a climber, and it's quite amazing to see how difficult some
> of the climbing to the cliff dwellings is. Some people think it was for
> defense, I think it was to keep the rats and other animals out of the
> stored food. It's a hard, dry  country to live in...
> 	- rob -
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