[Tagging] nomoj de internaciaj objektoj / nazwy obiektów międzynarodowych / names of international objects

marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 5 23:24:26 UTC 2020

Le 05.01.20 à 23:25, Tomek a écrit :
> I plan to remove the "name" and "wikipedia" tags from places 
> that are not associated with a specific nation or language:
> Please support (vote) my proposal or write a reason why not.

are you planning a mechanical edit ?
if yes, you misunderstood
there's no vote for a mechanical edition.
but you MUST consider the oppositions.
I'm not a native English speaker, I understand the problem you are
exposing (even if talking about imperialism gives the impression of a
speech from the past millennium) and I even agree that there is a
problem. but I OPPOSE your mass edition as proposed.
Removing the name tag implies that each style/app that uses it will have
to be modified to find out what is the most appropriate name for the
place. And until then, all these name will disappear , which is not

A more pragmatic solution would be to propose that each of these objects
have a name either in the most common language of that place, or in the
languages of that place or in a neutral language for example an
artificial language such as Esperanto.

to stay on the subject of tags, there is a proposal to define the
language of a place, this is another fix to explore.

for the wikipedia tag, it's the same problem.
Saying that people just have to use the tag and the wikidata api
to display a wikipedia page is a serious regression compared
to the current situation.
For places where you find a local language, it is quite possible
to change the language of the wikipedia tag.
for others, it is possible to point to a wikipedia page in a neutral
language, at least if it exists and is not a draft.

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