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> Do you have a suggestion Martin?

maybe a generic

amenity=bottle_return_machine ?

could be used for all kind of machines that take bottles, and amended with
tags about the kind of bottles. It also seems easier to understand for
non-natives (while describing more specifically the purpose) than "reverse
vending machine".


not sure if we would want to distinguish various specific kind of bottles,
or groups of, like milk, beer, water, wine, soda, ...
and networks? (for example in Germany, 180+ mineral water companies are
associated in "Deutscher Brunnen" and used to have the same kind of
reusable glass bottle (their own term for this is "pool bottle" as opposed
to "individual bottle"), reference: https://www.gdb.de/mehrweg/ now most of
the bottles are in plastic (PET).
As a sidenote, they also have a reference on the amount of uses (up to 50
for glass and 25 for plastic).

For practical reasons, I would think it is overkill to specify all kinds of
bottles that are accepted (in Germany if it is reuse, they would also
accept some other containers that aren't bottles, like reusable yoghurt
while it may be useful to know the exact location of the machine
(especially in big supermarkets and shopping malls).

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