[Tagging] Tagging Free Water for cafés, bars, restaurant

Colin Smale colin.smale at xs4all.nl
Mon Jan 13 09:42:50 UTC 2020

On 2020-01-13 10:18, European Water Project wrote:

> Dear All,  
> I thought this subject could wait, but it is becoming pressing early than I expected.  
> As part of our project (and that of similar non-profits - most of which are not open data but nevertheless great organisations), we want to voluntarily encourage cafés, bars and restaurants to offer free tap water bottle refill to anyone off the street.  Refill has had significant success in the UK and surprising the feedback is that the impact of increased customer traffic far outweighs any issue of cannibalization.  
> If it is not already the case, could we develop a tagging standard for this case. Maybe "amenity = cafe & free_water = yes" 
> It would be important to develop at the same time a distinct tag for another cause, which we support but will not be targeting is restaurants which offer free tap water for paying customers. 
> Maybe "amenity = restuarant & free_carafe = yes"

How about free_water=yes if it is available to anybody, and
free_water=customers if it is only available to paying customers? 

I assume this could actually apply to all manner of objects, including
pubs, bus stations, town squares... If so, there is no need to reference
amenity=cafe etc in the tagging standards, other than as a non-normative
illustration or example. 

Referencing carafe is not a good plan; firstly that is the container,
not the contents and this proposal is about the contents. Secondly, many
other things are frequently served in carafes, such as wine. So
free_carafe=yes may end up disappointing a few people...
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