[Tagging] Tagging Free Water for cafés, bars, restaurant

Mateusz Konieczny matkoniecz at tutanota.com
Mon Jan 13 10:06:58 UTC 2020

13 Jan 2020, 10:42 by colin.smale at xs4all.nl:

> How about free_water=yes if it is available to anybody, and free_water=customers if it is only available to paying customers?

And free_water=no for explicit tagging of not providing a free water.

> I assume this could actually apply to all manner of objects, including pubs, bus stations, town squares... If so, there is no need to reference amenity=cafe etc in the tagging standards, other than as a non-normative illustration or example.
Though I am unsure whatever tagging town square with mapped
amenity=drinking_water is a good idea.

> Referencing carafe is not a good plan; firstly that is the container, not the contents and this proposal is about the contents. Secondly, many other things are frequently served in carafes, such as wine. So free_carafe=yes may end up disappointing a few people...
And water is not always served in a carafe. 

And as bonus this tag is significantly less clear in meaning (even "carafe" word
is among rare ones, more likely to be unknown).
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