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>       (Jyri-Petteri Paloposki)

>>>>> Jyri-Petteri  Yes. information regarding on whether or not a
restaurant serves "free" water to a paying customer, is not part of our
project is important and is a factor in my decision on whether or not to go
to a restaurant (when in Switzerland).

I started the proposal page, but apologize for not know how to
properly fill it out.
Please feel free to make amendments, or send me an email directly with
instructions of what I should add (or remove).


Best regards,


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> On 14.1.2020 13.06, Simon Poole wrote:
> > Currently I see the usual problem that the discussion is trying to solve
> > the general problem. Is anybody actually interested in if free water is
> > dispensed in other than bring your own container/bottle scenarios?
> IMO this is also an interesting concept for use in bars, night clubs
> etc. – I myself try to choose establishments that provide free water at
> least when buying a drink, preferably also without buying a drink at the
> same time. In Finland it is quite usual to provide it, but since it
> isn't required, many establishments also charge for a glass of water,
> silly as it is.
> Best regards,
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> Jyri-Petteri Paloposki
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