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Wed Jan 15 04:15:32 UTC 2020

On 15/1/20 6:32 am, marc marc wrote:
> Le 14.01.20 à 19:34, Markus a écrit :
>> If i understand it correctly, building=* values describe how the
>> building looks, not how it is used. For example, a church that is now
>> used as a pub still remains a building=church.
> I fully agree with that.
> note that building:use may record the current use.
> therefore building:use=vacant or =none or =no fit the request.

And I would disagree.

A building that is 'in use' is maintained.

A building that is 'disused' is not maintained, the paint work will weather, glass become dirty .. roof leak, locks freeze. Generally they look disheveled.

While still a building it is not the same as a building in use.

If you tag 'disused=yes' ... how is that rendered? I think it is rendered the same as if the tag was not there... so it is of no use for rendering in the 'standard' map.

And that raises another point, how would you render disused physical objects???
They should not be the same as a physical object that is 'in use', and some think they should be rendered, but how is that rendering to be done?
A good answer to that question may well see the 'standard' render take action, otherwise there is no hope.

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