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On 16/1/20 11:59 am, John Willis via Tagging wrote:
> here in Japan and other places where unwanted vegetation grows very quickly and/or has heavy rain, heavy tar paper / plastic or metal mesh / or plastic “weedblocking” sheeting is commonly used on embankments, traffic islands, and other places where people want to stop weeds from growing and to prevent erosion from heavy rain. Stakes or landscaping staples hold it in place, and sometimes seams are sealed with additional material (if the barrier is for weedblocking).  It is commonly seen in industrial settings (areas around factories), and in public areas around roads and other transportation infrastructure where people don’t walk. this is a permanent landcover, not temporary covering for construction, etc.
> While I admit it is rare to tag a lot of this, when mapping public areas around some roads, I have found more and more of it.
> looking in surface= and landcover= , I cant find anything that matches. “tar paper” as a roofing material is on the wiki, but noting else about “landscaping” or “weedblocking” is found.
> What do people suggest is a good name to add to “surface” or “landcover” for such a surface?
> Looking around the internet, there is a large variety of “erosion control” sheeting and materials (this tar paper, plastic & metal mesh, and other landcovers meant to control erosion on slopes), so perhaps a tag for all of them is appropriate.
> Perhaps landcover=erosion_control is a good tag for all of these types of sheeting applied to the ground. if a further refinement is needed (and someone knows the proper names for these things, then a subtag can be added later  (erosion_control=foo_bar).

Different things ;

erosion control,

weed block.

The weed block plastic here is called 'weed mat', it is designed so as not to allow sunlight through, well not enough for a plant to grow.

On a steep slope it will do nothing for erosion control as it sits above the soil. I have a few square meters of it at home.

Erosion control may well allow enough sunlight through to enable plants to grow .. including weeds.

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