[Tagging] How to tag Landscaping tarpaper / weedblocking paper

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Thu Jan 16 01:46:17 UTC 2020

This sound like a surface=* feature, since it isn't a landuse or
natural vegetation type.

Plastic sheeting is also used on some types of farmland, for example
strawberry fields, for weed prevention.

So map the area's function with landuse=railway/industrial/farmland or
natural=scree/sand/etc. or area:highway=, or whatever is relevant, and
then add surface=plastic_sheeting, surface=tar_paper, etc.

If you don't know the landuse or function, and there is no natural
vegetation, I would use surface=* alone.

On 1/16/20, Warin <61sundowner at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 16/1/20 11:59 am, John Willis via Tagging wrote:
>> here in Japan and other places where unwanted vegetation grows very
>> quickly and/or has heavy rain, heavy tar paper / plastic or metal mesh /
>> or plastic “weedblocking” sheeting is commonly used on embankments,
>> traffic islands, and other places where people want to stop weeds from
>> growing and to prevent erosion from heavy rain. Stakes or landscaping
>> staples hold it in place, and sometimes seams are sealed with additional
>> material (if the barrier is for weedblocking).  It is commonly seen in
>> industrial settings (areas around factories), and in public areas around
>> roads and other transportation infrastructure where people don’t walk.
>> this is a permanent landcover, not temporary covering for construction,
>> etc.
>> While I admit it is rare to tag a lot of this, when mapping public areas
>> around some roads, I have found more and more of it.
>> looking in surface= and landcover= , I cant find anything that matches.
>> “tar paper” as a roofing material is on the wiki, but noting else about
>> “landscaping” or “weedblocking” is found.
>> What do people suggest is a good name to add to “surface” or “landcover”
>> for such a surface?
>> Looking around the internet, there is a large variety of “erosion control”
>> sheeting and materials (this tar paper, plastic & metal mesh, and other
>> landcovers meant to control erosion on slopes), so perhaps a tag for all
>> of them is appropriate.
>> Perhaps landcover=erosion_control is a good tag for all of these types of
>> sheeting applied to the ground. if a further refinement is needed (and
>> someone knows the proper names for these things, then a subtag can be
>> added later  (erosion_control=foo_bar).
> Different things ;
> erosion control,
> weed block.
> The weed block plastic here is called 'weed mat', it is designed so as not
> to allow sunlight through, well not enough for a plant to grow.
> On a steep slope it will do nothing for erosion control as it sits above the
> soil. I have a few square meters of it at home.
> Erosion control may well allow enough sunlight through to enable plants to
> grow .. including weeds.

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