[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - Tax free shopping

marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 17 12:10:15 UTC 2020

Le 17.01.20 à 12:48, Hauke Stieler a écrit :
> A shop at an airport where travelers generally pay no taxes would be
> tagged with "duty_free=yes" and optionally with "duty_free:refund=no".
> I hope this also makes sense to you.

no, sorry.
I don't see the advantage of using 2 keys when only one is enough to
describe the situation about taxes (don't pay, pay and get help for the
refund, pay without help for the refund).

by anolgy with the wheelchair key, it's as if we had created
wheelchair:assisted=yes/no or wheelchair:limited=yes/no instead
of wheelchair=limited

if you dislike duty_free=limited, maybe duty_free=refund
is more understandable

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