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> On 17. Jan 2020, at 20:27, Alessandro Sarretta <alessandro.sarretta at gmail.com> wrote:
> And water is probably too general... I try suggesting to use tap_water, that should clearly state that is not bottle water :-)
> So it could be:
> tap_water=yes/no/customers
> tap_water:free=yes/no/customers
> tap_water:container=*
> This way it seems to me you should be able to cover all the possibilities clearly.

as we’re talking about the specifics of the water, it is not uncommon to have bars, restaurants and cafes sell filtered tap water (by them, not the bottled version that some multinational corps sell as table water), chilled and sparkling if you wish so. Some of them explicitly do not sell other water, some offer both kind.

Cheers Martin 
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