[Tagging] Query regarding seasonal tag combined for outdoor water fountains.

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Mon Jan 20 14:51:22 UTC 2020

Am Do., 16. Jan. 2020 um 03:16 Uhr schrieb Jarek PiĆ³rkowski <
jarek at piorkowski.ca>:

> Ah, good point! So I guess for a drinking fountain seasonal=yes is the
> most reasonable when I don't know the months when it's active (I'm in
> a climate that freezes, so they get shut down sometime before that).
> That's decently human-readable and I'd guess most people will guess
> right when informed that the fountain is "seasonal".
> Unfortunately I've just now started noticing that these are shut off
> and while I guess they were actually shut down closer to November...

it is complicated. Last time when most drinking fountains in Rome were shut
down was about 2 years ago in a dry period in the summer (as a side note
and very unfortunately, some mappers have deleted the whole thing in this
time just because the (internal) tap was closed for some weeks). So the
reason for seasonal availability could be various, from shutting them in
winter for frost protection to shutting them in the summer for saving
resources in a drought.

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