[Tagging] Page about mismatching key names (historic=wayside_shrine used for modern ones etc)

Mateusz Konieczny matkoniecz at tutanota.com
Fri Jan 24 10:49:17 UTC 2020

One of topics often appearing is mismatch between meaning of key
and key text.

Especially among newbies interested in discussions.

"why we use natural=water for man made canals?"
"why we tag man made beaches as natural=?"
"Lets migrate natural=water to landcover=water".

So far I was basically ignoring this because it was not worth writing 
a full explanation every single time. 

This page is intended as something that can be linked when 
someone encounters such puzzling situation.

Page that explains that 
(1) yes, this is confusing
(2) why we ended in such situation 
(3) what are ideas for resolving this and why they are still not done

would be useful for linking in such cases

It is created at
but page name is horrible. Ideas for a better one is welcome.

Also, I only started it - help in expanding and improving it
is highly welcomed.
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