[Tagging] Active volcanoes

John Willis johnw at mac.com
Sun Jan 26 20:42:05 UTC 2020

Yep - I live at the base of Mt Akagi in Japan.

Locals know the volcanoes. Some of that is historical, some is local knowledge. 

I have been hiking on many volcanoes around me. Kusatsu-Shirane was closed in 2014 after a small steam eruption killed/injured some skiers. The hiking, skiing and sulphuric lakes are closed now, but the road over the mountain (through the sulphur vents) and the famous tourist town of Kusatsu remain open. 

 Akagi last had a small steam eruption in the 700s. It really hasn’t done anything since

I live 70 KM from the most active volcano on the main island - Mt Asama. Some day it will Erupt and in the future violently explode. It smokes and burps and makes earthquakes regularly. 

There was a major eruption on mt Fuji in 1707 which made a giant crater on the flank (Hoei crater). The 2011 Earthquake(s) triggered a 6.0 below Fuji, so it is still “active”, yet hasn’t really done anything since the hoei eruption. 

I think there is a way to make a very simple subtag, such as 

No= Considered dead / collapsed
Dormant = 500+ years since last eruption
Quiet = 100
Recent = 20
Current = smokes, ash burps, eruptions, or other visible Signs of activity In the last 20 years. 

20 years is nothing to the volcano nor those who live near it. 

Some scheme like that. Whatever names you want, I think that is a good time scale.  Make it a year/date if known *in addition*. So many volcanoes will have a last eruption date & status that will stay the same for the foreseeable lifetime of all humans currently on earth (Akagi), some that will probably not change in 50 years (Mt Fuji) and even more that will probably also not have data change in decades (Kusastu-shirane). 

Active volcanoes will get their tags updated when they erupt because locals take notice *and* if we make some easy schemes for them to tag the info. No need to keep updating the status of Asama - it is “current”. Make it easy and the worry about data currency is not an issue. 


PS - tagging calderas is impossible currently - no way to tie the name of the giant famous  Caldera (Akagi) to the numerous little named (and largely obscure) peaks that make up the rim. People get all in a tizzy worrying about “Prominence“, whereas the internationally famous tag for Mt fuji is drowned out by the several “mountains” that make up the named bumps on the crater rim. Mt Fuji should be rendered at z6 and Akagi at z8, and the little obscure “peaks” at z14. 

Handwringing over prominence be dammed: the map is worse for not having the same level of detail we give to roads and cities - or even railroad rail! - to mountains. 

Without a tag schema, there is no way to get it rendered properly. 

Same goes for all of this useful data. 


> On Jan 25, 2020, at 4:29 AM, Clifford Snow <clifford at snowandsnow.us> wrote:
> As a person living 50km from an "active"  but dormant volcano, Mount Baker [1], I definitely know its status.

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