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> I think there is a way to make a very simple subtag, such as
> Volcano:active=
> No= Considered dead / collapsed
> Dormant = 500+ years since last eruption
> Quiet = 100
> Recent = 20
> Current = smokes, ash burps, eruptions, or other visible Signs of activity
> In the last 20 years.

Volcano sites near me regularly let off steam which is hard to
differentiate from smoke. Would you consider steam under the current?

Mount St. Helens last erupted in May of 1980, it is coming up on 40 years
since the last eruption. However, it continues to build a new dome which I
would classify as current under your suggestion.

I'm going to reach out to a UW reacher to see if he can provide us with
terms that would be acceptable to scientists as well as OSM.

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