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> Good idea.  So I did some digging.  There are no scientifically-agreed
> definitions of the terms.  It's more of a folksonomy that scientists
> sometimes
> use when talking to "folks."  See
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volcano#Volcanic_activity
> (it's fairly representative of other definitions I've found).  It's
> messy.  There's a
> "it hasn't erupted in X years so it's dormant" definition in there, but
> supervolcanoes
> like Yellowstone are excluded.  Iceland's volcanoes are very
> interconnected.  Etc.
> About the only characteristic I've seen so far upon which there is broad
> agreement (and is verifiable by ordinary mappers) is the presence of a lava
> lake (which many people probably think of when they see the term "active
> volcano").  That's mappable, in my opinion.
> If we can pin any other terms down more precisely, and show that
> scientists agree
> with those definitions, and scientific literature that meets a general
> scientific
> consensus is available classifying volcanoes in those terms, then I'm all
> for it.
I saw reference to this site a little while back (ironically, the morning
of the White Island eruption in New Zealand :-()

So what do we say: 43 / 70 / 565 / 871 or 1428? :-)


Or possibly the 71 "Frequently Active" listed here?

As they say, it's hard to point at a volcano & say it's active or not!


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