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takeaway oriented kebab place may still have one or two seats
> (either for waiting customers or maybe for a legal reasons)
> that are extremely rarely used

I cannot deny the possibility, but I have never seen a takeaway
kebab shop with seats for queuing customers.  I've seen seats
for takeaway customers at a couple of Chinese restaurants
that do takeaways, but their takeaway food was not fast.
I wouldn't consider seats for queuing customers as
turning a takeaway into a cafe - no tables, no tableware,
and they're kick you out if you tried to eat your meal in
those seats.

What about seating outside where no cover against rain is provided?

That's outdoor seating.  Which may be unconnected with the
takeaway.  Are you going to count a takeaway near a bus station
because there are some benches for the use of passengers?

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