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Thu Jul 2 08:32:45 UTC 2020

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> On 2. Jul 2020, at 05:27, Graeme Fitzpatrick <graemefitz1 at gmail.com> wrote:
> So neither of those fit the situation where customers sit on the ground, with no cover, in front of a covered stage?

exactly. Also there might be some inconsistency wrt to the meaning of amenity=theatre. Is this about the physical place or the institution? It might matter when there are several theatres (troupes) sharing the same space, or when a theatre (building) is only used for different purposes or not used at all.

Generally we would need (if there isn’t yet) a tag for the physical existence of a theatre like structure. This is quite frequent here and comes in all sizes, is typically freely accessible all year long unless there is an event which requires a fee to be paid for admittance (e.g. those found in parks, schools, etc., not those which are all year long fenced or walled and managed as permanent theatres and concert venues).

Some days ago we had someone asking about an event space on the beach, which did not have specific physical adjustments (“just sand”), was usually a free (unmanaged) beach, but did have a name “Arena of the sea” and sometimes there were events going on like concerts, parties, etc.

event_venue did not seem to match according to the definition and examples in the wiki, and we couldn’t find a better established tag either.

Cheers Martin 

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