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> If you are suggesting using terrace to describe a topology that
> isn't actually a row of houses, that would be very confusing.

the German term is equally row house (Reihenhaus). Main difference to an apartment building is that the individual dwellings have independent entrances, usually individual and separated gardens and are occupying the whole height to the roof. A different typology are apartment buildings with individual entrances from the outside where th apartments do not occupy the full height (I don’t know the English term, in wikipedia I found an Italian term for it: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casa_di_ringhiera ) which refers to a specific typology though (there are also different types with maisonette apartments, i.e. it is not only a type for public housing)
I also believe we should have a dedicated type for small houses with several apartments (maybe 2-4), as they are quite different from big apartments complexes with tens or hundreds of dwellings. I tend to call them “house” , although our wiki states that building =house is for a single dwelling building, i.e. by the literal definition it would not even cover detached buildings with a granny annexe (secondary apartment, usually much smaller than the main dwelling, usually independent entrance). Some detached buildings also have 2 of those secondary apartments.
How do you deal with these cases?

Some examples for houses that IMHO are neither terraces, nor single dwelling buildings, nor apartment buildings: 
here the buildings on the left and right:

maybe an apartment building? Is it a terrace (I would expect no)?

2 equally sized dwellings:

Generally we also do not adequately represent basic medieval buildings which traditionally combined dwelling and workplace under the same roof. Any ideas for these?

Cheers Martin 
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