[Tagging] Distinguishing closed office spaces and client service locations?

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Thu Jul 9 21:58:14 UTC 2020

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> Jul 9, 2020, 20:38 by pla16021 at gmail.com:
> Maybe not ideal, but if you're looking for an immediate solution then
> access=customers and access=private?
> I like it, but it is a bit tricky as I can walk into many offices without
> being
> a customer (though typically it is done as someone wants or
> considers being one).

"Customers" is rather broad, though.  I think some of us apply
access=customers to church car parks.  Then again, one could argue they're
buying after-life insurance.  If I walk into a shop and look around then
walk out without buying anything, does that mean I wasn't a customer
in the OSM sense?

I take "customers" to mean "non-employees who may access the
facility because of interactions with the controlling organization."  Not
staff.  Private means that nobody but staff (excepting emergency
services, plumbers who have been called in to deal with a problem,
etc.) have access.

> Though access=private seems perfectly fine to mark office as internal
> to a company (or covering restricted set of clients).

If there are restrictions on who may be a client, then it's more of
access=designated, or opening hours with "appointment required" or
some such.

I think we can handle these things with existing tagging.  A bit clunky,
but it can be done.  Is it worth doing it more explicitly for the sake of
carto or overpass queries?  I haven't given it enough thought to
say one way or the other on more explicit handling.

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