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*"...Said this, why not try to use CORINE [1] definitions?"*

Thank you Voschix to mention this paper, searching the ISBN code (ISBN
92-826-2578-8) I was able to download it from researchgate.net (it's a pdf
with 120 pages).
Unluckily it's only about part of Europe (from 62°N to 28°S, from 14°W to
29°E), 12 European countries participated in this project.

The working scale of the project was 1/100000, and the smallest mapping
unit was 25 hectares.

About desertic lands we're discussing, this is their classification:

3. Forests and semi-natural areas
3.3 Open Spaces with little or no vegetation
3.3.1 Beaches, dunes, and sand plains
3.3.2 Bare rock
3.3.3 Sparsely vegetation
3.3.4 Burnt areas
3.3.5 Glaciers and perpetual snow

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