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Except cases where there is a clear agreement that some scheme is clearly preferable,
but in such cases it is extremely rare for such scheme to gain comparable popularity.  

Jul 21, 2020, 15:25 by voschix at gmail.com:

> Please let us not forget that the wiki is supposed to document what is used in OSM. In this case it should say that two schemes exist, and, if we have good numbers for the relative use, we can add that. 
> Putting an advice to prefer one or the other is not within the scope of the wiki in such a situation
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>>> Am 21.07.2020 um 10:55 schrieb Tomas Straupis:
>>>> 2020-07-21, an, 11:20 dktue rašė:
>>>>> Why do we need both variants and why don't we just say that
>>>>> waterway=riverbank is preferred?
>>>> There is an original OpenStreetMap water schema with lakes as
>>>> natural=water, reservoirs as landuse=reservoir, riverbanks as
>>>> waterway=riverbank etc. It is a perfectly working schema.
>>>> At some point there was a new schema proposed with a totally nerdy
>>>> motivation "to make some sql's simpler". That new schema has no
>>>> advantage in cartography, GIS or IT sense. It is totally NERDY. This
>>>> nerdy scheme was ignored in the beginning but then came the iD which
>>>> took a totally non-analytical and authoritarian attitude and not only
>>>> chose to support nerdy water schema, but even decided to support ONLY
>>>> it. And in recent year iD coders went even further and started lying
>>>> to its users that original OpenStreetMap water schema is "deprecated'
>>>> even when it never was.
>>>> So this is the reason why we have two schemas. It is very
>>>> unfortunate that there is no way to prohibit such nonsense nerdy
>>>> schemas into OpenStreetMap :-(
>>> So why can't the wiki state: "If you tag, then please do so using waterway=riverbank" (as this is preferred by the *community*)?
>> Because despite claims mentioned above - there are also people preferring the second schema,
>> it is not case of "iD developers vs community" like it is/was with some case.
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