[Tagging] Farmlands subject to rotation of crops

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 15:00:52 UTC 2020

I agree that the information "crops are rotated in this field" is not
verifiable, because it is recording historic information about what
happened the last few seasons, rather than what is in the field right now.

It is ok to tag the crop that is currently planted in a field, especially
if it's a perennial crop which will be the same for several years. Even if
it is only an annual it might be semi-permanent: rice terraces are used to
plant rice every season, because they are specially designed and irrigated
for that purpose, for example. And if a mapper wants to add information on
the current crop this year, this is fine too: though it might require
updating each year.

I've previously asked about a tag for farmland (cropland) which is
currently fallow. If it's been fallow for a while, usually grasses or other
semi-natural vegetation will grow back (in most climates), and it can be
tagged as landuse=meadow (even if it's not used for hay or grazing). But
before that, it's not clear if there is a tag for cropland that is
unplanted and temporarily fallow for a few months to 1 year.

- Joseph Eisenberg

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> I would go with farmland, orchard, vineyard and not even consider
> indicating any rotation of crops.
> +1, these are also those that I distinguish, because annually sown crops
> are subject to frequent changes, while you typically will keep vineyards
> and orchards for many years.
> +1, I would consider crop rotation tagging as historic unverifiable data
> and therefore out of scope of OSM
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