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On Fri, Jul 31, 2020 at 3:16 PM Kevin Kenny <kevin.b.kenny at gmail.com> wrote:

> The reductio-ad-absurdum would be to argue that 42nd Street in Manhattan
> should be `noname=yes ref=???` and participate in a route relation with
> `network=US:NY:New York:Street ref=42`. I'm sure that would please strict
> taxonomists, but most people would think it silly to argue that the name of
> the road at the downtown end of Times Square isn't 'Forty-Second Street'.
> If 42nd Street can be a name, why can't County Route 23C?

> There are even parallels for 'the road has a name other than the ref, but
> the ref remains the common name' in Manhattan. Sixth Avenue is also named
> Avenue of the Americas. Nowadays, it carries signs for both, but I can
> remember a time when the locals and the subway said 'Sixth Avenue' and the
> street signs said 'Avenue of the Americas', confusing the tourists.  These
> are 'name' and 'alt_name', not 'name' and 'ref'; Sixth Avenue was there
> first. (Also see Seventh Avenue/Fashion Avenue - only in the Garment
> District; Fourth Avenue/Park Avenue South - the segment south of Union
> Square

If you're trying to argue that "Sixth Street" is not a name, I'm not
buying.  Especially when you call out that it's absurd to suggest it is.
Or that you don't understand the difference between a name and a ref.  Or
that you don't understand why data consumers may find conflating the two to
be confusing or annoyingly redundant.  Surely you give our intelligence
more credit than that, don't you?
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