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I don't know the region myself so I am limited to anecdotal evidence as
found on the web:

* Montevideo clearly brands itself as having "a coast" (from
welcomeuruguay.com: "Costa de Oro" (Gold Coast) is the name given to the
great variety of beaches stretching from La Barra de Carrasco, in
Montevideo, to Solís Grande Creek, ...)

* next city east is called "Ciudad de la Costa"

* Buenos Aires, on the other hand, seems to be mainly referred to as
being "on the SHORE of Rio de la Plata"

* Wikipedia entry on Montevideo calls Rio de la Plata an "arm of the
Atlantic ocean"

It is obvious that, regarding the official definition, both countries
have a shared interest of defining the coast as far out on the sea as
legally possible. Therefore, I am not sure if our usual approach of
"letting the locals decide" will work here. Our other usual approach is
that of "truth on the ground" and the 200km+ straight line from Punte
del Este to Cabo San Antonio certainly stretches *anybody's* definiotion
of a coastline!

The largest estuary in the United States, Chesapeake Bay, is almost
completely mapped as coastline, only changing to a natural=river polygon
very far inland - though I haven't researched currents or salinity.

Are there other examples of large bays/estuaries?


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