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Rafael Avila Coya ravilacoya at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 08:50:48 UTC 2020

This is interesting. But what if the (for example) silvopasture would 
occupy exactly the same area fo the landuse=forest and the 
landuse=meadow? Of course we could handle this with a new tag 
landuse=silvopasture. But for other cases? Would it be good to have to 
exact different way, one with each tag? or better one with the 2 values 
separated with ; ? Y guess the second solution would be better. But I 
can't imagine a real case now. For example, the forested military would 
be probably landuse=military, as it is the main use of the land. The 
residential area in forest would be just a landuse=residential. 
Industrial areas in military would again be landuse=military in my 
opinion, unless the industrial area inside is just let by the military 
body as a lease for an enterprise to use that piece of land. Same for 
railways inside military base.

In general, like Florian, I hesitate to have two intersecting areas with 
the same key (and different values), but Joseph Eisenberg answer makes 
sense too...



O 02/06/20 ás 23:19, Mateusz Konieczny via Tagging escribiu:
> Jun 2, 2020, 21:37 by f at zz.de:
>     Hi Rafael,
>     On Tue, Jun 02, 2020 at 04:05:47PM +0200, Rafael Avila Coya wrote:
>         Hi, all:
>         Let's say we have a natural=scrub for example. Inside it (a
>         part of it)
>         becomes seasonally wet, for example during the rainy (wet)
>         season. How would
>         you better map this? Some possible approaches:
>         1. Having the area of all the scrub as natural=scrub, and the
>         area that
>         becomes wet in its interior as natural=wetland + seasonal=yes (or
>         seasonal=wet_season)
>         2. Having a natural=scrub for the whole area, and for the
>         wetland area
>         temporary:natural=wetland @ (May-Oct) or
>         temporary:natural=wetland @
>         (wet_season)
>         3. Using a relation, with the tag natural=scrub, and the inner
>         way with the
>         tags natural=scrub + temporary:natural=wetland @ (...)
>     For me overlapping natural or landuses are broken. An area can either
>     be a natural=wood or a landuse=farmland. You cant include the same
>     area in two types of usages or naturals.
> You can.
> You can have silvopasture ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silvopasture )
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Silvopasture.jpg
> You can have forested military base with wetland (real case).
> You can probably find military base (landuse=military) with 
> landuse=farmland.
> There are residential areas in forests, there are industrial zones in 
> military bases,
> there are railway areas in military bases.
> etc etc
> You will have overlapping areas or stuff like
> landuse=military_industrial_area_under_tree_cover_with_intermittent_wetland
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